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RKA has our 10-15-20 luggage sale going on, on an earlier thread so take a look at that

But here are some SENA products that are on a “you gotta have it sale” only one of each!

For more information on these products you can visit our website
Or you can visit our YouTube page which as over 170 videos on all subjects, RKA Luggage, SENA Bluetooth, how to fall off a bicycle for no particular reason AND of course Kittie videos.

This first one is the only non SENA product, from INNOVV

It’s a dual camera system that starts and stops with your key and at this time can use a 256 card for 20 hours of video.
K2 Dual Camera (NEW) $338.00 SALE $275.00

30K (NEW) $329.00 SALE $250.00
10S single (Demo) $239.00 SALE $150.00
10S Dual (Repack) $439.00 SALE $300.00
10S Dual (NEW) $439.00 SALE $350.00
10C (Demo) $349.00 SALE $200.00
10C (NEW) $349.00 SALE $250.00
10C Pro (Demo) $349.00 SALE $200.00
10C Pro (NEW) $349.00 SALE $250.00
PRISM (NEW) $400.00 SALE $200.00
Tube WiFi (NEW) $179.00 SALE $125.00
MESH + (Demo) $179.00 SALE $100.00
SR10 (Demo) $199.00 SALE $100.00
Freewire Honda (NEW) $249.00 SALE $150.00

SENA Helmets

Cavalry XS MB (Demo) $349.00 SALE $150.00
Cavalry M GW (Demo) $349.00 SALE $150.00

Momentum INC Matte Black or Gloss White (a few have been tried on by customers)
INC $549.00 SALE $300.00
INC PRO $699.00 SALE $400.00

ALL products are SOLID! But at these prices there is no returns
Call with ANY questions and for color, sizing, and demo or new info

Richard & Kathy
[email protected]
707 836 7659
West coast time 8-4 any day of the week
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