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2012 K1600 GT
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I am impressed with the quality, fit and finish of this backrest. It took all of 10 min and a #3 Phillips screwdriver to install. I called Dan on a Wed, and we spoke for over 30 min, a very personable guy. He shipped that day and it was sitting on the front porch Friday. We test rode the Dragon, NC28 to Robbinsville and back. My wife gives it a thumbs up 馃憤 for comfort and feeling safer when on the gas. Happy wife, happy life. Thanks Dan and Paula.


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If anyone out there on the fence with this accessory, I want to let you know that this backrest fits perfectly and looks like a factory addition. Thank you much Dan. In Hawaii, that is Mahalo for your time and effort in making the perfect accessory for us that do not like having a trunk on the back of the bike.

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Recently received the Generation 4 backrest!
What a great solid product! It was very easy to install, looks really good, and kids are a lot more comfortable riding.
On top of it all, Dan is super accessible for any questions or if you need help.
Thank you Dan!

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