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@amorley , wow, $2,600 for:
$200 coil
$200 TPMS
$400 Tires

That's $1800 for labor. Too bad you don't live closer, I could save you a lot money and we'd have a great time sharing stories.. :)

Thanks Duane, I would have loved to have your assistance and the opportunity to swap stories!

Total labor was actually $1,144.00 most of which ($700) was doing the 18K service.

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Yes, the K1600 coils are notorious for failures but when and how is a crapshoot.

#6 coil failed on KBiK in November after 114K miles. Engine ran rough, but no engine light, no fault codes, no indication of errors from GS911 but BMW computer at my maintenance shop picked it up immediately.

My total service cost $2,600 to fix but that included an 18K service with valve check, new front TPMS, and two new tires.
What a “bargain”!!!!!!
21 - 25 of 25 Posts