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2022 MI/KM:
Current prices July 2022:

$35 each. (Current Price) Delivered in the US. Actual cost for postage increase for everywhere else. The pay pal address is RL at Lemke dot com

A little more for the rest of the world, but I must check postage cost with each order.

Add in a 3" 1/4" drive socket extension for $9.00 more.

International delivery is easy as I do it all the time.

Send a PM to me with your mailing address and I'll let the USPS software determine the postage cost.

For fast delivery, 3 to 5 business days, it gets a lot more expensive, but I can send that way too.

Above, painted crankcase oil pan, upside down.

Above is sump with plug removed.

Above is painted crankcase oil pan with Super Plug installed.
I am a new member of the forum, and a new BMW K1600GT owner, that just experienced my first pil change challange…. I would like to purchase a RL super plug. How should I proceed?
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