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For any of you out there that may want to update your Sena Firmware to the latest version, AND, you're trying to do this on a Mac Catalina Operating System, be aware......Sena and Catalina OS are not compatible. I kept getting an error message, after downloading the Update Device Manager that said " Failed to recognize device. Cannot open USB". Sena confirmed this and suggested the following workaround which was successful for me. Thought I would pass this on as an FYI.

Sena 20S Evo Firmware Update:

Sena Update Device Manager App is not compatible with Mac Catalina OS. Error message indicates “Failed to recognize device. Cannot open USB”.

1 Download the Device Manager App

2 Go into “Systems Preference” on your computer

3 Select “Security & Privacy”

4 Select “Input Monitoring”

5 Click the lock at the bottom to allow changes (you will need your password, or touch ID)

6 Of the Sena Device Manager is shown, click on it. Otherwise, click “+” and select it from your “Applications”. Make sure it is now “checked” in the “input notification box” and click lock to save changes.

7 You should now be able to open the Device Manager App and run the latest firmware version.
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