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Within the musing of this Body exists the collective tribal riding knowledge built of decades of bruised knuckles and damaged wallets. There is a ****-ton of good information on this site buried within its gigabytes; however, it is not very referencable - it's golden knowledge not easily found. Evidence of this can be seen now in repetitious requests for knowledge of the same dozen things. Structuring data is a science, primarily because data that is not referencable is junk.

I have a simple suggestion that could serve as step-one to easily tag conversation fragments as candidates for a structured Hall of Wisdom which is automatically populated and groomed.

Either at the response-level (this box) or better yet, at the highlighted word-level, add a tagging control that is scoped to a list of categories.

A tagging control locally scoped would allow us to tag fragments of wisdom which occasionally pop above the din. Then we collect those tagged items for a referenceable Hall of Wisdom.

What this means for the everyday user is that when you have a question about how to do something, you have one place to go to find the answer in a structured format.
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