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Starter relay output stage, short circuit to battery positive

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(Was) Going to Europe on 31/5, I though we'd go for a ride to Last Saturday to get warmed up.
Put Diesel in by mistake.
Called recovery tank drained wouldn't fire up so eventually got her home.
Stripped air box off bike fire on easy start.
Hooked up car battery to have another to see it it would magically burst into life.
Got the poles wrong on the car battery and fried the battery, Bike made a beeping noise then would not turn on.
There was some smoke from the Right /rear brake side of the bike.
I have put a different battery on and the bike now cycles through start up - but will not turn the starter motor.

I have plugged in the GS911 which shows;-
0x21F591 - Starter relay output stage, short circuit to battery positive

Now the list of things I dont know,
I've clicked on the fault code and it takes me to the HEX Code login page, I have registered the device but cannot remember my code. I have hit the forgotten password button but my email is not recognised . Do I have to register on this seperately or is it part of registering the device.

The forum mentions two starter relays, Im thinking that the insulation has melted on the starter and causing a short but don't know where to find the starter ofr relay to try band find the earth.

If I can get somewhere with this I'll come back on how to drain the tank to injector lines and if I've got to pull the plugs or not.

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GS911 shows-
Fault Code Value0x21F591
Fault Code DescriptionStarter relay output stage, short circuit to battery positive
Currently presentNO
Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)YES
Frequency count1
Logistic (Healing) count40
Fault Code History +

Also got this?

Instrument Cluster(XKOMBI)
Controller TypeInstrument Cluster
Controller NameXKOMBI
Serial Number0000042109
ManufacturerPreh GmbH
Manufacture Date (YY/MM/DD)16/01/26
Odometer22093.9 mi
Program Count0
Program Count Maximum1024
Factory I-LevelK001-16-03-500
Actual I-LevelK001-16-07-511
Firmware Date (YY/MM/DD)16/01/26
Kilometers when programmed0.00
Number of FW configurations6
HW Electronics (HWEL) +
Bootloader (BTLD) +
SW Memory Image (SWFL) +
SW Memory Image (SWFL) +
Coding Data (CAFD) +
Hardware Type (HWAP) +
Fault Codes1
Fault Code Value0xE1143C
Fault Code DescriptionCAN message missing (from the RDC)
Currently presentYES
Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)NO
Frequency count5
Logistic (Healing) count40
Fault Code History +
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You had a bad day followed by a bad day. I'd be guessing but did you burn one of the main fuses?
Maybe bring it to someone with some mechanical ability?
Didn't touch any of the fuses. all test ok
Got he tank off today no signs of anything disclooured nothing touching the frame.

I tried everyone on google. The local dealer offered middle of July, got it booked in with a BMW trained Tech on 6 June but I was hoping to be in Andorra by then.

Also How do I change my email adderee on here?
Thanks for that at least I’ve fixed something:)
Hooking the battery up backwards will usually destroy the voltage regulator so I'd disconnect that first and see if the bike comes up. If it destroys any of the bike electronic modules will depend on how they were designed. It's an ugly thing to do to the bike.
I felt bad with the diesel and accepted that to get on holiday I would have to hand it over and pay whatever it cost.
Then when I couldn’t get anyone interested I had to bite the bullet. I watched the videos on you tube. Every reference to wrong fuelling said it was no big thing. The mobile mechanic pointed me in the right direction to make sure I’d got rid of the diesel.
Then just as the light at the end of the tunnel appeared, I tried to destroy the electrics.
Then I look here again, apparently this can bus thing is a lot cleverer than me. Fuses checked and ok.
I drop a battery charger on the battery and the ignition/remote are all back in play.
GS911 on and back to confusion.
Just read what the diagnostic says again, and another post refers to starter relays.
So is the answer to my question that I’ve burnt the relay(s) out.
I’ll get two new ones tomorrow, unless I can find a post on here that tells me how to test them.

If you have a multimeter you could pull the relay and test for continuity of the coil and if you pulled its cover as shown in the above thread you could manually close its contacts and confirm if the starter cranks the engine.

If the starter relay is good and its coil is not getting a signal, it points to a more complex issue with the bikes computer.
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Thanks for this.
To be clear I’m looking for resistance between 1 and 2 of more than 50?
starter relay - there are two

another post has information on them. There are two the right one when pulled will not let the starter turn over, the left one when pulled will light up the panel and the starter will not turn over. The electrical parts schematic indicates that both are the starter relay's but when each one if pulled out separately , each one has a different function.

Based on this from another post. I have swapped the relays over.
The short circuit fault has gone and a fault has been added to the display.
So I’m working on left hand relay failed, picking two new ones up from the dealer tomorrow.
Bottomed the short.
The power cable fron the batterry to the starter solanoid had cooked and shorted.
Ive replaced the cable and repaired the wire.

I have stripped the bike to get access and taken the plugs out to clean off the effects of the deisel.

I coupled the starter up twith the new wiring and went to connect the battery to run a diagnostic check. At this the starter started cranking.
The ignition was off and I didn't touch any thing.
I uncoupled the starter and ran a diagnostic.
The original short has now cleared but there is a huge list of faults from the uncoupled connections.

If I run through it logically then I have reversed the polarity the posative engine has earthed through the battery conection?
Is there a fault on the solanoid, if so how is it pulling the relays in to complete the circuit?
I'm off to swap the starter relays and recheck the wiring.
Would the fact I have so many connections uncoupled cause it?

Any ideas please.🙏
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