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Hi MotoTroph
I’m pulling my radiator out this wkend. How did you break that nipple ? Just so I don’t do the same thing during my attempt to be a Mech for a day.
I have Freddie Flintstone fingers hate working on fiddle bikes
Do you have the maintenance DVD? If not or for those of you who don't have one here are some pages from it showing the removal of the radiator. They don't show the drain plug that is located at the bottom left corner of the radiator. It's a black plastic twist plug.

There are some body panels that will have to be removed that aren't shown in the pictures below.

I would suggest removing the front wheel to give you more room to work and then you don't have to remove the louvered piece until you get the radiator out. Also put some grease on the 3 grommets before reinstalling the radiator it will make things easier.

When refilling the antifreeze and bleeding the system have the bike on the side stand.

Give yourself a good 1/2 day for this job. Then go have a beer.


1 - 1 of 12 Posts