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Yeah, still have a year worth of warranty left. And I thought it was a load of BS that they can't fix it unless they could reproduce it. I'm not sure if I should blame the shop or if that's something BMW tells them to do and ties their hand as far as a repair goes. Thanks for your answer.
Vince, press them on this HARD. My experience may be extreme and not relevant: a broken wire in the wiring harness. There are only 2 wiring parts for the K1600's, an 18" pigtail to replace that last foot of wire to the left grip, and the ENTIRE wiring harness. I could be wrong, but in my case, the Mothership elected to run out my warranty rather than replace that entire harness. (My fault was somewhere between the pigtail and the ECU. Took me a couple of days to replace from an eBay used harness.)

Again, I may be a total outlier, but you need to self-advocate loudly here. Going into limp-home mode (1600 rpms) at 70mph is terrifyingly dangerous. Get good at covering the clutch and ride at the back of groups until you know it's fixed. (You never will, but after 2 years w/o ever seeing the problem again, I'm reluctantly considering mine good.)
1 - 1 of 24 Posts