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This jacket has an outstanding reputation for a 3 season jacket. It's not new, 2013, but in great shape. Size XL. If you Google the jacket, you will find comments are very positive wrt straps, armor, weatherproofing etc. The jacket did have a flaw as it was produced with cheap plastic zipper pulls which tended to break. Mine did, however, I just inserted a string pull on the zipper body ad it works well. I do not have in the inner liner but wore either heated gear when it was really, really cold or long sleeve stuff. The following is what the brochure said: Tourance 2 Suit Comfort meets protection

Comfort and safety: BMW understands the need for safety, but also the need for comfort in multiple different kinds of weather and temperature situations. That’s why they’ve come up with the perfect solution: The BMW Tourance 2 suit, which will meet all your riding needs in all the conditions you can imagine, and more. Designed to handle the most extreme hot and cold temperatures, the Tourance 2 jacket has a thermal insert to keep you warm and secure that can be removed for greater flexibility. It also has an integrated Venturi functional membrane that’s both high-tech and high-performing, giving you exactly the level of permeability you need from moment to moment as conditions change.

Protection from the elements: Worried about sweat, wind or rain? This suit has got you covered with its well-ventilated C.A.R.E. climate membrane, which keeps out raindrops as well as even the stronger gusts you’ll roar through on the highway. On top of that, both the jacket and the trousers of the Tourance 2 suit feature zipped openings that contribute to ventilation with some indirect air movement that can make all the difference on a scorching day. On the other hand, for those chilly mornings and evenings, the jacket features a snug fleece inner collar that will keep things nice and toasty as you speed along.

But although the extremely breathable coating is featured across the entire suit, that doesn’t make it any less sturdy. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant Dynatec, the Tourance 2 suit stands up well to both the normal wear and tear of riding and the scrapes and spills you could encounter if you happen to suffer an accident while riding. Protection is enhanced by detachable braces, top-of-the-line NP protectors at the critical points — shoulders, elbows and knees — and a CE certified protector that’s literally got your back, offering armor for your spine. If this isn’t enough, the protective material is doubled in especially vulnerable areas, giving you a level of resilience and redundancy hard to find in your typical riding suit.

Design with a purpose: Even if you choose the demure navy blue and black color scheme over the more flashy red and black, BMW’s ever-vigilant designers have made sure you’ll be visible on the road by prominently placing large-sized, highly reflective plants on not only the back of the jacket but the front of it. Reflective wedges of the same gleam-grabbing character have been carefully placed on the seams of the trousers as well, making sure you’ll catch the eye of vehicles passing alongside you.

Finally, for greater comfort, the suit also features adjustable sleeves and waist, stretch inserts in the jacket and trousers, a waterproof outside pocket in front, and a connector zip to bring it all together. Stick with the Tourance 2 suit and you’ll never go wrong, no matter what kind of conditions you’re in.

Will ship to a location in USA. Shipping is included in the price. No returns

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