Hi All,
i exchanged my 2013 K1600GT for a 2022 Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky.
So i'm selling my Mick-O-Pegs that were used for many great miles.
They are pitted but in good working order.
I had some shorter "down bars" fabricated as i have a 30" inseam and the original ones made my legs open wide and were uncomfortable when used for a long time.
Plus, it made the pegs higher which helped in the twisties. Less likely to catch the pavement. Although, if you take the GT to the edge, it'll catch.

In the picture, I had taken the spring out as i found it easier to have them down all the time.
i put the springs back in when i took them off the bike and changed them back to their original length.

i had them installed on Altrider bars, which are 1" in diameter.

I'm asking for 250 USD, shipping included to continental USA and Canada