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BMW K1600 Sessions is an experiment in connecting members of this community. We are hoping to foster two kinds of connections: the “ad-hoc” connection when a member needs a little help in a video session and the planned connection where we, as a community, get together online for a topic of discussion.

Ad-hoc Sessions: This is a case where a member has read through the huge knowledge base of information here and needs a little “hand-holding.” In this case, a member could use a video connection to someone who has done the work before, and that person is volunteering to show them the way. Requests for ad-hoc sessions may be placed here within this group and answered directly by a mechanic-volunteer.

Scheduling an ad-hoc session is agreed upon by the parties involved and generally involves using a system such as FaceTime or Google Meet or any of the myriad of other options agreed upon by both parties. For the person requesting the help, please realize these are other members who volunteer their time and knowledge because they care for the community. This forum does not compensate them; any stipend to the provider is between the parties involved.

Use your good judgment: The members here are not certified mechanics, and the information provided, while generally correct, is not a warranty of suitability to your specific circumstances. You, the requestor, are ultimately responsible for your work and the application of the advice provided. You must also realize your own limitations; if you have only a box of new tools, are not willing to try new things, or are worried about your warranty, you should think through using a coach. No one on a video call can do the work for you; it is on you to decide your own abilities. You’ve been warned.

Planned Sessions: We will periodically facilitate meeting online between members for live-action engagements. We will also record these meetings and post them for later consumption. Planned sessions may take the form of a Zoom call with anyone attending or a targeted meeting with specific interests groups (such as IBA members or members of a specific region). This is not a mechanism for exclusion, rather a focused discussion. If you’d like a private session for specific members, then an ad-hoc solution is best; planned sessions are open to members in good standing.

Rules of the Road
  1. Don’t be a problem: This is an experiment in building community, and those involved are genuinely doing so for the betterment of the community.
  2. No Ghosting!: If you agree to do something, meet someone, or be somewhere, do so. We are building this based on social mores of conducting yourself honorably.
  3. Respect: Treat each other with respect. Don’t presume a joke is taken in the way it is intended. Cultures change region to region and country to country; remember that your world is a small fraction of the whole picture.
  4. Connect: This experiment is meant to foster community. Take the opportunity to make stronger connections and new friends.
  5. Know Who is in the “Room”: Remember that someone attending may not appreciate colorful references or languages. Before you talk smack about someone or something, understand you are not alone or with your buddies behind the bar. Please keep it clean enough so as not to be insulting.
We are still working through some of the details, and this is an experiment whose success depends entirely upon how you conduct yourself and how we use this resource. This could be invaluable to members and serve as a model of what is possible.

In subsequent posts, we will add instructions on connecting, links to great material already available to you (not reinventing the wheel), and useful features for everyone to help them on this journey.

Would you please help make this successful? Thank you. -djfalkenstein
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