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WHAT IS:  Smart Volume control?

Smart Volume Control automatically changes the level of the speaker
volume based on the level of the environmental noise. When it is
disabled, volume is controlled manually. Rotate the Jog Dial until you
hear the voice prompt, “Smart volume control”. By tapping the Phone
Button, it will lead you to the level adjustment mode. You can enable
it by setting the sensitivity to low, medium, or high. Smart Volume
Control responds to smaller environmental noises as the sensitivity
level becomes higher.

Richard …......

This is another feature I am not mesmerized by.
Alot of riders ask us what it is.
Supposedly listening to music at level ten and 80 mph and you slow to 35 mph the volume will automatically lower to level four.
I have never experimented with it as I have no desire to use it. So I cannot add any comments on this feature. Maybe we will fire it up test it and talk about it. All and any comments are welcome.

Questions? ….......
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