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The next number of posts will be a series addressing SENA and most of the issues customers have.
These posts will be directed at the 20 series, If needed for clarifcation other units will be noted
Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions.
These posts will come one at a time and fairly quick
If you have a communications subject you want to talk about let me know and if it is not on my list I will put it there.

We understand the product and support it.
SUPPORT is priceless!
Kathy and I hope you decide to use RKA for your communications purchases


WHAT IS: Audio multitasking?


Manual ….
Audio Multitasking allows you to have an intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or GPS instructions. The overlaid audio is played in the background with reduced volume whenever there is an intercom conversation and will return to normal volume once the conversation is finished. If this feature is disabled, any incoming or outgoing intercom will interrupt your audio channel. Which is like using a 10 series system … See 10 series questions for a further explanation.

Richard …..
Audio Multitasking opens the mic when you speak and turns the music down. Closes the mic and turns your music up when you stop speaking.
Since Kathy has been a passenger, we have learned new support answers about issues we thought were not issues.

The riding position of both of us as changed with two up riding, and the way the “Audio Multitasking” works as changed.
The settings worked fine when riding our own motorcycles. But when Kathy got on the back with me my position changes and Kathy is now up on the passenger pillion higher up and her head position more up right.
We had the “Intercom-Audio Overlay Sensitivity” set at level SIX (default) and that worked fine for solo riding.

The first couple if rides commuting the mic was kicking in and “Audio Multitasking” was not working properly.
At 50mph or less it worked again. VERY frustrating yes? Some of you know that deal, don’t you?
So we experimented and the second setting change worked Level FOUR on both helmets. PERFECT.
You may have heard the 10 series has added this feature with the 2.0 update, this is a different subject covered later in this series

Questions? …......
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