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WHAT IS: Intercom-Audio Overlay Sensitivity?

Manual …..

The music, FM radio and GPS volume will be lowered to play in the background if you talk over the intercom while the overlaid audio is playing. You can adjust the intercom sensitivity to activate this background audio mode. Level 1 has the lowest sensitivity and level 10 has the highest sensitivity.
Note: If your voice is not louder than the sensitivity of the selected level, the overlaid audio will not be lowered.


Let’s put this “more simple” this feature IS the mic sensitivity.
Set it to level one and you will have to YELL to break the mic open.
Set it to level ten and more than likely when moving you will hear an open mic and just wind noise.

This may seem frustrating to have to adjust.
BUT SENA is trying really hard to make things work to the best of their ability, in every environment and situation.

See the previous post on “Audio Multitasking” and what changed when we went from solo motors to riding two up.

Questions? …......
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