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WHAT IS: Voice Commands / Voice Prompts

YOU talk to the system: ...The Voice Command of the Bluetooth system allows you to operate certain operations by simply using your voice. You can control the Bluetooth system completely handsfree using the voice recognition. The voice command function works only with English commands.
The SYSTEM talks to you: … If Voice prompt is enabled, you can hear Voice prompts for different kinds of features. If Voice prompt is disabled, Voice prompts are silenced except for those in the Bluetooth System Configuration Menu, battery level indication, speed dial, and FM radio functions.

Richard …..

Why even talk about something so seemingly simple?
We have had a few customers think they can give voice commands on a unit that only offers “Voice Prompts“ . Misunderstanding the feature.

Good examples of “voice commands”
you say:
“Hello SENA”
Voice prompt “Say a command”
You say:
“Check Battery”
“FM Radio”
“Intercom ONE”
“Speed Dial One”

Good examples of “voice prompts” Your headset will say
“battery low”,
“configuration menu”,
“speed dial one”,
“three, 99.7” when changing channels on the FM radio.

Questions? ….......
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