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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the forum.

Let’s hear from WOMEN!
RKA as been hosting this forum off and on for many years and I have yet to see women posting here (I am sure you have so If I missed you let me know).

If you do not know for the last 35 years Kathy as been riding her own motos and we have had some of our best times together. After being the BEST passenger ever (see below) She started riding her own moto in 1985 … an old 1983 Suzuki 550. Her first REAL moto was Honda Hurricane 600
(Remind me to tell you that story)

As I was emailing a contact (a women) about seminars at the BMW national in Great Falls, Montana the other day,
I mentioned that we decided to leave the Sprinter & Trailer parked and ship product to the first couple of events.
I was riding to Oregon for the Chief Joseph Rally and then on to Montana for the BMW National.
I was very excited about being able to ride BUT I mentioned to her that Kathy was flying into Great Falls and “RIDING” back with me!! I was giddy!

(Edited) Here is how this thread went ….


Thanks Sue,
RKA is excited about coming!
Looking forward to doing only ONE seminar.
THE COOL DEAL is I am riding my R1200RT and shipping product there
Kathy is flying in ONE WAY!
So she will ride home with me!!!!!
When she learned to ride in 1985 she has spent very little time on the back ….. I am looking forward to the ride home!!
See Ya

Richard Battles
Kathy Storin
7694 Bell Rd
Windsor, CA
707 836 7659

Her reply…


You brought a huge smile to my face, on this frigid morning here in Wisconsin. Spending time riding two-up is wonderful!
So – quick [personal] story:

When I started riding, I was single, and I loved the autonomy of being my own pilot. A few years later, I was chatting with a girlfriend who was a rider but spent most of her time riding two-up with her husband. I asked her why she would do that, instead of always choosing her own bike. And this is what she said:

“We are both so busy in our lives: between kids, jobs, crazy schedules, we rarely have time together these days. Riding 2-up is a sensual experience… the sense of smell, touch, hearing, humor, all of it. When I am riding with him, I smell his shampoo and he can smell my perfume, and feel him breathing; my legs are touching his legs, his hand is on my knee and my arms are around him; we chat with each other and point out things around us. “

When she finished her comments, I was dumbfounded. And I thought: “I WANT THAT!”
I have nearly 500,000 miles now, but it wasn’t until I met my husband a few years ago that I actually trusted someone else’s skills to relax and be a passenger on someone else’s bike.
What she said (above) ??? It’s true.
Thanks again for your note. See ya in Great Falls.



WOW … Can I use that in one of my forum posts?
So when we met in 1983 Kathy was a passenger. And became my passenger
She lived in Arcadia (Santa Anita Racetrack) I had a 1983 Suzuki Katana 750
One day we were doing Hwy2 (Angeles Crest) We were stopping and taking photos and we kept passing
another couple.

We got to the turnaround “Wrightwood” about the same time and they came over and said with enthusiasm! “You two look so cool”!
That was 37 years ago, She still looks cool.


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This is for the women, drivers AND passengers (and men if you want to suggest/comment).
What products in the way of luggage (This is what we do :eek:) would you like to see that you do not have avalible now?
What products that you DO have do you like and use, and why?

Here is the obvious,
if your passenger does not post or read this forum ASK THEM these questions and report in.
If you ARE a women that rides their own moto we want your input.

You may think RKA has some gears turning right now .... hummmmmmm.

Richard / Kathy / RKA
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