My parked bike was the victim of an elderly driver. This part was replaced by his insurance company.
I kept all of the parts that were replaced with the idea to pass my good fortune along to someone in need. SO,
I am selling a set of engine bars. (Note: I rhino lined these engine bars and the lower tupperware panels on my bike shortly after I purchased it in 2013).

These engine bars are in good condition and will continue to protect a k1600GT engine without issue.
The bars were replaced because my (parked) bike was tipped onto its right side after it was bumped. Thus the right engine bar is ever so slightly bent but hardly perceptible. unless its pointed out, it will go unnoticed. This would be a great deal for someone who would like engine protection but is not wanting or willing to drop the $500. on new wunderlich bars engine protection. Buyer pays for the shipping.